Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blow outs aren't just for tires!

Anyone whose had a baby knows what I'm talking about. Right guys?! When I first had Ben we had so many blow outs I can't even count them. I do remember one time it was super cold out side and my husband and I were running errands with Ben and I was in the parking lot nursing him (Ben, not my husband) and he started pooping. And kept pooping. So much so that I felt my hand get wet as I held his back. We weren't prepared for such a disaster. We ended up having to lay him on the passenger seat because the poo was all over me, all over the nursing pillow, and especially all over him, and my husband stood outside the open door changing him as I tried to warm him up with the heater full blast blowing down on him. It was so bad we even ran out of wipes and had to use unpooped on sections of his outfit. Anyone who knows me.. and even if you don't if you've read the entry on the cart covers you'd know that I am a HUGE germ-a-phobe so when I tell you that being a new mom and not having any spare clothes you'll forgive me when I say I had to go into Old Navy and buy the kid a new unwashed outfit. I still cringe at the thought. So anyway- that day will stay with me forever. I'm sure of it. Along with many other blow out disasters. Especially the ones where my husband was at work while I navigated parenthood on my own.

So this brings me to my new best friend. Cloth diapers. I'd like to say that I got into cloth diapering because I wanted to be more eco-friendly. While that did play a roll in the decision, its not why I chose to do it. I can't remember exactly why- I think it had something to do with my shopping problem, and I read that cloth diapered babies potty train faster (although I don't know how true that is with cloth diapers these days keeping the babies bottoms dry) and I had also heard that you don't have blow outs. Que angelic music and bright sun rays from heaven. I didn't start cloth diapering until Ben was two. Or almost two. But I was pregnant and the thought of no blow outs really hooked me. Please keep in mind that I am super lazy and cut corners when I can. So the thought of doing diaper laundry really daunted me. Especially poopy laundry. If your like me, the thought of having poop tumble around in my washer really grossed me out. But I can assure you- thats not how it works and its much much easier than you think.
There are a zillion cloth diaper options out there. And I won't go into all of them. If you want to knwo about them let me know and I can do another post about them or you can just send me a message and ask. I'm no expert but I've tried them all! I started with bumGenius one size diapers. They're pocket diapers. Meaning you have an outer "shell" which is the part you see and fasten onto the baby. But there is an opening that you put "soakers" in and you can add as many as you need for the absorbency that you need. So to wash you just take out the soakers and wash them with the shells. These are also One Size diapers meaning they grow with the baby, so you don't have to buy a multitude of sizes.
I also bought Gro Baby diapers. Those are considered AI2 or All In Two. These diapers have a "shell" as well but they have a snap in liner so that you can reuse the shell. You just snap out the soaker/liner and replace with a new one. Assuming the shell isn't soiled.
I liked the both of the diapers with Ben. I liked the material and the fit better on the Gro Baby diapers, buy I did have leaks with those. Never poop leaks though. Which would be scary considering he was on solids at the time!
He maybe had one or two leaks with the bumGenius ones but that was only overnight. And after figuring out what we needed to for over nights, we were set!
Delaney is now in them. And I LOVE them! Although they are One size, they aren't suited for newborns (unless you have a 9+lbs newborn). So we did disposable diapers the first few days, and then I went to prefolds, which I failed miserably at. And then the Kissaluvs size 0 which were really nice. They do need waterproof covers though.
We then received a couple of cases of disposables. They were the new Fisher Price ones and I wanted to give it a go. With a newborn- your changing diapers often so your diaper bag can get bulky with extra diapers, so I wasn't completely set again disposables. I actually really liked these diapers. They have ribbing in the back that helped prevent blow outs. Please note, I said helped. They didn't completely. But other diapers for some reason don't have any sort of ribbing or gussets or whatever you want to call it in the back. This has always been strange to me. Anyway- we did still have quite a few blow outs and close calls. Not nearly the amount that we had with Ben though. So I credit that to the FP diapers.
With the cloth diapers though, Laney has had some SERIOUS poops. I don't know what formula poops look like. But breastfed baby poops are runny and messy! And not once have I had a blow out with the cloth diapers. I have had poop right up to the edge but none of them dare to escape. Love this! And I love that I don't have stained clothes! Man does baby poop stain!
I think if any of you are tired of wasting money on diapers that just go in the trash (by the way, did you know most states have a law against throwing human waste into the trash? Your suppose to dump the poop into the toilet prior to throwing out the diaper. Now I'm not sure if anyone is on poop patrol but for those of you who think your law biding citizens.. think again!) you might be interested in cloth diapers. It's expensive to start. I won't lie. But saves you a ton in the long run. Its kinda fun to do. They have great color options out there and who doesn't like a fluffy baby butt? So I'm saving my blow outs for my tires. Wait. No.


  1. Angela. I love this post. I love cloth diapers as well and though I only used them part time, if I ever have another I am so going to use them full time. Well, i say I will. They are so cute and I love a cloth diapered bum. Adorable!

  2. Love this post!! We don't use cloth but I always think they are adorable! I nominated you for an award. Visit my blog to see which one! Love your blog! www.dellsdailydish.blogspot.com