Friday, April 30, 2010

Wanted: Toddler Interpreter

So today my almost 3 year old Ben kept saying something that sounded like- well, the "F" bomb! He kept saying "Fawk" Like hawk. I'm not going to lie and say it never happens but Paul and I don't drop the "F" bomb often especially not around the kids so I for the life of me cannot figure out what the kid was saying. Usually when he says something and you don't know what it is and you go through a whole list of words that sound similar to what he's saying he will either keep repeating until you get it right, or if you say something he likes better he'll get a big smile and say "uh huh". That's when you know you didn't get it right but he'd like what your pretty much offering up! I can't think of what rhymes with what he was saying and how he was using it, what he would be wanting. But he said it like 10 times! So if any of you are professional toddler interpreters I'd appreciate an interpretation.

I can't believe my little man has grown so much though that I actually have to wonder if the kid is dropping the "f" bomb! Oye. My heart hurts already.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Friday Follow and A MAC Giveaway

Friday Follow

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You guys may have seen my other blog.. my "work" blog.. On said blog I talk about my new favorite lipstick. Its bright red. Very bold! I also talk about tips on how to get your lipstick to stay and not feather out or spread to your eyebrows. Well not really that far. If you lipstick is spreading that far.. maybe we should talk. One on one. But supervised.. Okay- that got awkward didn't it?
So onto the giveaway. I LOVE MAC.. so secret there. They have great products, annd they don't test on animals. That's a big one for me. So instead of giving away the new red lipstick I found, I'd like you guys to be able to decide what color it is that you want. So enter the giveaway and the winner gets to pick which color they want. The only thing is that it can't be a Viva Glam product.. So go onto the MAC site and pick something pretty!

To win, you must first be a follower of my blog, and secondly you've gotta check out my friend Shana's Blog. She's got tons of give aways on her blog as well.

Once you become a follower leave a comment in the comment section and tell me if you won what color you would chose.
For an extra entry- tell me what you like about Shana's blog
So simple it feels like I'm forgetting something!
Contest ends May 13, 2010 at . The winner will be announced on May 14th. The winner has 48 hours to contact me with their info otherwise, another winner will be picked

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ew! Cover that thing up!

If you know me, you know I'm kinda a germaphobe. If you don't know me, Hi- I'm Angela. I'm a germaphobe. Not like a "What about Bob" germaphobe. Just don't like touching public things. Like bathroom door knobs, the little pull down tab for the paper towel dispenser. Bathroom sinks. Shopping Carts. I'm not too bad though, except when it comes to my kids. I have antibacterial wipes, and foam in every purse I own. And if you know me, you know I own a lot! When I go shopping I wipe down the entire upper rim of the shopping cart. I'd do the whole thing if I had time. And if I could afford all the wipes I'd use to wipe it down. I think I've seen one too many specials on the unimaginable grossness that they find on those things. Unfathomable grossness. Okay, you get the idea.

So here's what I love about shopping cart covers. Not only do they help protect against germs, but they keep those stiff metal baskets cozy. When my son was a wee thing, probably about 6 months he use to fall asleep while I was shopping and he outgrew the infant car-seat really early on so I would just get a comfy blanket and prop him up in the shopping card with the padded cover. He would eventually get sleepy and all I would have to do is lay him down and he'd fall right asleep as I shopped. It was truly God-sent. I can't imagine him being comfy enough on the naked cold metal basket.

For some reason, when I like something, I can't just have one. I have three shopping cart covers. One I spent a lot of money on. (it was before I even had my son, and I felt like he needed the best of the best!) I have one that I made with my lovely mother in law, and another I bought off of <--Another one of my favs but we'll go there at another time. I have purchased two different types of patterns and tons of fabric, all in the hopes of making another one one day. I really am a crafy person on the inside. It's the lazy-can't ever finish a product person on the outside that reins dominant. And that chick just won't let me get started. I am a begginer sewer. Patterns confuse the heck out of me and I fair much better figuring things out on my own. But since I don't have room in my teeny house for any sewing projects, starting a sewing project is super time consuming and I just don't have the time.

There are a ton of different brands out there of shopping cart covers, and different types. Some cover the whole child basket, some cover just the back rest and handles, and some just cover the handles. For me, the kind that covers the whole child basket is for me. The ones I have are great in the fact that they have fit all sorts of baskets, from the teeny ones to the jumbo ones from Sams Club.

Mine is similar to this one but different patterns.
(found this picture on I have never shopped with this person before, I just did a quick google search looking for a similar cover to mine) This type also fits nicely on those super gross, never washed restaurant high chairs.This one is made by Jackaboo Great idea and great patterns, just not enough coverage for me.

This one is by Munchkin. Neat little play thing but I think it would get irritating having that bar in your face.

This one has the padding in the back, and looks easy to put on. But the thing that concerns me is that they can still grab the side of the cart. Listen people, I don't like a single inch of these things exposed! This cute cover is by Infantino.

So there you have it. A handly little lists of only a few different types of shopping cart covers out there. I know it sometimes sounds extreme to avoid germs. And germs help build a strong immune system. But I challenge you to google the kind of stuff they find on these things and tell me how exactly one builds an immune system agains some of the things on there. Once you do- embrace the info... and welcome to the dark side!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey! Who am I?

Okay, so I forgot to tell you who I am!
I'm a 28 (that hurt.. I just turned 28, and it pains me to admit it!) year old mother of two. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 3 month old daughter. I use to be a veterinary technician, dog trainer, and now I own my own business as a hair stylist and makeup artist! I am also diamond certified so I know my stones y'all! Hey, what can I say? I like to dabble!

So anyway- I try to be as eco friendly as possible. I use cloth diapers, reusable shopping bags, eco friendly cleaning products and laundry detergent and we're building our own garden. I also try to shop as organically as possible.
I work closely with local animal shelters and rescue groups and have fostered tons of animals from snakes, sugar gliders, cats, dogs, and birds. I personally have three dogs and three cats, all rescued of course, but not all of them are so greatful... ahem.. the cats..

I also have a serious shopping problem which includes tons of pet gadgets, baby supplies, and beauty supplies. So if your wondering about something out there, feel free to ask me. I'll probably have it!

With this blog I'd like to use it to give tips about things I know about as well and do some giveaways. So bare with me as I try to grow this thing and be an accomplished blogger!